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Cup: Sweet with tart acidity and a sugary mouthfeel; melon, orange, toffee and grapefruit flavors.

Region: Hasamba, Masangula, Ndolezi, Lukululu, Nyimbili, Hezya, Sumbaluelu, Ilembo, and Nambala villages; Songwe, Mbozi

Farm: Smallholders

Variety: Bourbon, N39, KT 423

Altitude: 1590 MASL

Proc. Method: Washed

Size: 12oz Bag


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Sombezi - AA

About 220 smallholder farmers from several local villages are served by the Sombezi factory and Masangula AMCOS. Sombezi was established in 2015 and, due to changes in local regulations, was converted to Masangula in 2018. The farmers deliver their coffee as cherry and it is depulped throughout the afternoon and evening. Then it is graded in water channels and soaked for 24–36 hours for fermentation. After washing, it's soaked for an additional 8–12 hours, and then dried on tables for one to two weeks.

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