2 Bags Every Two Weeks

2 Featured Bag.jpg
2 Featured Bag.jpg

2 Bags Every Two Weeks

34.00 every 2 weeks

*Price Includes Shipping & Handling - A Savings of 12% - Our Most Popular Option

We are consistently getting new coffees from around the globe, so with that we have built our subscription program around you receiving these new coffees as we get them.  Your subscription will be a rotating selection of our unique coffees. Every 2 weeks you will get 2 - 12oz bags of coffee selected from our current micro lot offerings.

Bag: 12oz

Whole Bean

Enough coffee for 2-3 people

Subscription Shipment Example:

First Shipment – Guatemala

Second Shipment – Costa Rica

Third Shipment – Ethiopia

And so on.

Every Shipment you’ll receive a different coffee from a different region or varietal. If you love a specific region or taste lets us know and we can adjust for that as well.


Looking for a little less or little more coffee with your Subscription? Try 1 or 3 bags every two weeks.

1 Bag Every Two Weeks
20.00 every 2 weeks

*Save 10%

3 Bags Every Two Weeks
45.00 every 2 weeks

*Save 20%